About me

I paint  abstract because I feel it helps me get to the essential, the fundamental, the universal. It helps me express more with less. I believe Nature and Nurture determine every stroke I, or any artist puts on canvas; yet the result is always surprising and a singular expression of who I am at that precise moment in time.

I paint in many layers. They are like sediments I apply on the canvas. Like memories that shape who we are and how we think. Some will stay vivid and fresh, some will show remotely or partially and others will be replaced by new ones. Layer by layer I give the painting an identity ; a history and something to reveal.

If my painting resonates inside of you, it will take you through a new and unique visual, emotional and intellectual encounter, a place where you can find your own path and your own intimate experience, a place where unfamiliar shapes, colors and textures unfold, collide, meet and melt likes emotions, ideas and concepts in our brains.